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N.A.R. > Only 23% of homeowners use their realtor for a 2nd transaction.

Where did the other 77% go?


Hi, I'm David Gaus with GVC Mortgage right here in Maumee! 

Why did I put that video Ad in front of you on Facebook?

So that local realtors here in the Toledo Metro Area can see EXACTLY what I've learned about capturing leads online without using Zillow!

Over the past 6 years, I've spent thousands of dollars banging my head against the wall trying different marketing techniques! 

HINT: Most of them failed! 

I've spent the money on co-marketing on Zillow and chasing down the leads...

Just to find out that ten other lenders had already called them and the prospect was frustrated! 

Direct mailers...you bet I've tried it. Some of it worked!

I've had some success, but nothing like what I'm going to start showing you today! 

The majority of realtors that I meet here in the Toledo Metro area are marketing! 

And some are even trying digital marketing! 

Do you know any realtor friends doing digital marketing? (I'm not talking about zillow)

How did it go for them?

I've tried every shiny NEW digital marketing plan and have wasted thousands of dollars.


I've found 1 (uno/one) strategy that works consistently online. 

The crazy part is that you already have the foundation for this strategy to work for you right now! 

To start you need your list...

Yes, that list of all your past clients, prospects, or tire kickers 

That list with all of their names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Don't worry we are NOT going to SPAM them with email. 

Next, you need to use this list to drive new clients back to you, so they become repeat customers! 

Have you ever heard, "It is hard finding a new client! Just keep your past clients happy!"

I believe that if you don't learn this ONE digital strategy, you'll lose $20K, $30K, or even $40,000... 

How will you lose out? 

Your past clients and contacts on your list will go with another realtor! 

Here are your 2 simple steps...

First > Go grab your client &contacts list from your CRM, spreadsheet, or wherever you keep their information. 

Second > This step is limited to the first 20 realtors here in the Toledo Metro Area, due to time.

Get on my calendar! HERE!

For FREE... I'll stop by your office, grab coffee, eat lunch...

Together we'll walk you through how to directly engage with your past clients and contacts...

SO... they come back to you again and again for every real estate transaction! 

Here is the sad news, the National Association of Realtors stated in an article that, "23% of [sellers/buyers] used the agent they previously worked with to buy or sell a home."

Only 23% ? Where did the other 77% go? Not all of them were 1st time home buyers. 

So, I'm asking your advice. How can we help you keep past clients and contacts using you?

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