Your Mortgage Credit Score

Your credit score does matter! This article tries to quickly cut to the heart of credit scoring models. Questions? Talk to our mortgage consultants for free at 419-350-8420.

On forum Donna from LA asked,

"Why does TransUnion say my credit score is 733 when myFICO says my TransUnion score is 689? I pulled both scores on the same day. Both credit reports contain the same information. Which score is right, and which one are lenders going to use?"

Your Credit Score Matters!

That is why that was a great question!

These are two different scoring models. What there is more than 1 scoring model for credit scores.

Unfortunately, the answer is YES. There are many credit score models that are used when evaluating a consumers credit-worthiness.

Ok, I’m looking to buy a home and want to see my credit scores like my mortgage lender will see them. Where do I start?

Start with our Mortgage Coaches!

To begin with, we would recommend starting with our Mortgage Consultants. They can assist you with pulling your FICO Score 2, 5, and 4.

The credit report we pull is the one that is used to evaluate which mortgage programs you qualify for.

You can wait… Or you can know what your scores are now.

If you are going to buy a home let our mortgage consultants start with the foundation of every credit decision… your FICO score!

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